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Transportation In Andaman and Nicobar Islands


Inter-island travel can be easy with Sea Helicopter. The breathtaking aerial view will keep you glued to the window for sure! However, the service isn’t meant for tourists although you can try your luck by applying a day before the Directorate of Civil Aviation office.


Be ready to face long frenzy waiting queues at the ferry ticket office. You can pre-book ferry tickets only if you’ve an island permit. Hotels can do that on your behalf.
Porters charge about INR 50/bag so if you aren’t carrying something heavy, it’s better to carry them yourself.
There are frequent boat services from Havelock Island to Neil Island.
More queries? Dig deeper at: www.andamans.gov.in.

transportation in andaman and nicobar islands


Mohanpura bus terminus is the central terminus. Buses are available throughout the day. South, Middle and North Andaman, all are linked by roads. Bus services are available from Port Blair to Wandoor, North to Baratang, Rangat, mayabunder and Diglipur.


Travelling solo or in pair? Best option would be to avail for motorbikes from port Blair that charge a minimal amount of INR 300/day. However, a car driver will charge INR 600 per 35 km. North and Middle Andaman is prohibited for foreigners to explore owing to the tribals’ aversion towards foreigners.

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