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Top Honeymoon Places in Andaman Nicobar Islands_Neil Island Bharatpur Beach

Quick Andaman Travel Tips For First Timers

CLIMATE You can imagine how pleasant the weather remains throughout the year when we say that the temperature flickers between 20 to 32 degree Celsius with a humidity of about 80%. The southwest monsoon is especially wet and occurs between the mid-May and early October, whereas the northeast monsoon is comparatively dry and occurs between November and December. Andaman experiences no winter. The beginning of March marks the entry of Summer in Andaman which lasts till the mid-May. Summer is an absolute favourite season for tourists since they get to explore the archipelago to the fullest, go for sightseeing, enjoy the underwater adventures like scuba diving, sea walking and snorkeling. TIME ZONE No, Andaman doesn’t belong to a different time zone. It follows the same time as the rest of the India, that is, GMT 5 hours and 30 minutes. FORMALITIES -Residents of India, don’t need a visa/passport. However, for foreigners, passport with India Visa is mandatory.
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