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Bird Watching
Bird Watching in Andaman - You Shouldn't Give A Miss

Bird Watching in Andaman – You Shouldn’t Give A Miss

One of the seven union territories of the country, Andaman means pristine azure crystal clear sea, white sand, mangrove forests, an ultimate escape for vacay. The Island is an ecological hub that’s rich in flora and fauna and makes a perfect spot for Bird Watching in Andaman. Did you know that Andaman Island is a hot spot for some of the most exotic and rare species of birds, many of which are endemic? The alluring and fascinating winged inhabitants are always a treat to watch, isn’t it? In case you’re a wildlife lover or a twitcher, this article is going to be a complete guide for you regarding the best bird watching locations in Andaman, apt season to visit these locations and everything that you need to know. Bird Watching in Andaman – Top Locations: 1. Mount Harriet National Park: The national park is situated in Ferrargunj, covers around 4.62km^2 area. Here’s one interesting fact for you, have you noticed the picture on the back of Rs. 20 note? Well, that’s the back view of Mount Harriet national Park. It’s named after Harriet Tytler, wife of Rober Christopher Tytler, former British army officer. It’s a den to endangered species of birds such as Andaman wood piegeon, Andaman cuckoo dove, Andaman woodpecker, Andaman Scops owl and many more. Also, Mount Harriet offers a stunning picturesque during sunsets and sunrise. Though, one must prefer to go before the sun goes down. December to March is the best time to visit this national park in Andaman. 2. Sippi Ghat: Sippighat Village is about 13 km away from Port Blair. Prior to 2004 Tsunami, Sippihta was mainly had paddy fields. Post-Tsunami it started brimming with bird population consisting of Brown Hawk owl, collared kingfisher, Orange headed thrush, Andaman Hawked Owl, Crested Serpent eagle, White bellied sea eagle and a lot more. 3. Chidiya Tapu: As the name suggests, Chidiya Tapu is well-known amongst bird watchers. This one’s about 25 km away from port Blair. It is a home to countless beautiful birds such as Drongos, Hanging parrots, Emerald dove, green pigeons etc.. Addition to this, you definitely can’t miss sunset when you’re in Chidiya Tapu. Feel the beauty of each moment with dissonant chitter-chatter of the birds and also, try out trekking maybe? August to February is the best time for tourists to pay visit here. 4. Havelock Islands: The largest island in the archipelago, Havelock island is located 41 km away from Port Blair and stands between Peel island and Neill Island. This island is named after Sir Henry Havelock, a British General. Apart from coral reefs and white sand beaches, it is densely populated with some endemic species of birds, for instance, Andaman barn owl, Andaman bulbul, Nicobar jungle flycatcher, Andaman flowerpecker. Visiting it between October and March is the best idea. Here are some tips from Andaman Birding Buddy for you to have an enthralling bird watching experience: 1. Prefer trips to these locations during daylight for bird watching to get crisp and fresh perfect shot and also for the mesmerising sunrise and sunset. Return by evening because there’s no point of staying in the dark. 2. Black oil sunflower feeder or any bird feeder might help you to lure birds. 3. A professional guide from Our Ghummo Andaman Team will help you spot the birds easily by telling you about the best locations and areas where it’s easy to spot them. 4. Keep you ears alert and focus on the movements and sounds made by the birdies. 5. Being a keen observant is important. Patience is the key. 6. Make sure that you schlep binoculars and camera along with yourself. Here is a list of ENDEMIC BIRDS that you can expect to see. 1. Andaman Woodpigeon 2. Andaman Teal 3. Andaman Cuckoo-Dove 4. White-Headed Starling 5. Andaman Serpent-Eagle 6. Andaman Crake 7. Andaman Brown Coucal 8. Narcondam Hornbill 9. Andaman Woodpecker 10. Andaman Drongo 11. Andaman Treepie 12. Andaman Shama 13. Andaman Bulbul 14. Andaman Cuckooshrike 15. Andaman Green Pigeon 16. Andaman barn-owl 17. Hume’s Hawk-owl 18. Andaman Hawk-owl 19. Andaman Scoops owl 20. Andaman Nightjar 21. Andaman Cuckooshrike 22. Andaman Bulbul 23. Andaman Shama 24. Andaman Flowerpecker 25. Glossy Starling 26. Beach Thick Knee 27. Pacific Swallow 28. Plum Toed Swiftlet 29. White Bellied Swiftlet (Earlier called at Edible Nest Swiflet) 30. Pacific Reef Egret So what are you waiting for?  Book Andaman Islands best experience of Birdwatching with guides from ANDAMAN BIRDING BUDDIES.
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