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Andaman Birding Buddies

Andaman Birding Buddies

Bird Watching is the passion that unites us with any Bird Lovers or a Nature Lovers.
We are few passionate birders who know what’s birding all about and we are here to deliver it to you. It’s not just the technique to watch birds but it’s about the excitement and the enthusiasm to explore more. We inculcate ethics of responsible tourism and hence conservation with local community to benefit them by sensitizing them about the importance of it and ways to conserve it.
During the bird trips we do try to cover the maximum bird species at place but also add zest to your birding with extrapolation using our knowledge base. In short we make your bird holiday trips fun, rather than the grind and gravel experience.
Andaman Birding Buddies have been conducting bird watching tour since two years with over 100+ satisfied birders both Indians and Foreigners in and around Port Blair City covering almost all Habitats be it Wetland, Forest or Coastal and be it Migratory, residential or endemic birds.
Andaman Birding Buddies comprises of few passionate and energetic birders from Port Blair city in Andaman Islands duly certified by the Dept of Forest in this skill set, have experienced and nurtured over for few years in Bird Watching.

List of Birds in Andaman

Endemic Birds:

1. Andaman Woodpigeon
2. Andaman Teal
3. Andaman Cuckoo-Dove
4. White-Headed Starling
5. Andaman Serpent-Eagle
6. Andaman Crake
7. Andaman Brown Coucal
8. Narcondam Hornbill
9. Andaman Woodpecker
10. Andaman Drongo
11. Andaman Treepie
12. Andaman Shama
13. Andaman Bulbul
14. Andaman Cuckooshrike
15. Andaman Green Pigeon
16. Andaman barn-owl
17. Hume’s Hawk-owl
18. Andaman Hawk-owl
19. Andaman Scoops owl
20. Andaman Nightjar
21. Andaman Cuckooshrike
22. Andaman Bulbul
23. Andaman Shama
24. Andaman Flowerpecker
25. Glossy Starling
26. Beach Thick Knee
27. Pacific Swallow
28. Plum Toed Swiftlet
29. White Bellied Swiftlet (Earlier called at Edible Nest Swiflet)
30. Pacific Reef Egret

Other Birds found in Andaman

1. Lesser Whistling Duck
2. Cotton Pygme Goose
3. Purple Swamphen
4. Common Moorhen
5. Emerald Dove
6. Red Collared Dove
7. Indian Cuckoo
8. Green Imperial-Pigeon
9. Oriental Scoops Owl
10. Walden’s Scoops Owl
11. Brown Backed Needle Tail
12. Yellow Bittern
13. Cinnamon Bittern
14. Little Egret
15. Intermediate Egret
16. Great Egret
17. Pacific Golden Plover
18. Lesser Sand Plover
19. Greater Sand Plover
20. Kentish Plover
21. Bar tailed Godwit
22. Common Sandpiper
23. Green Sandpiper
24. Common Greenshank
25. Common Redshank
26. Wood Sandpiper
27. Marsh Sandpiper
28. White Bellied Sea Eagle
29. Changeable Hawk Eagle
30. Fulvous-breasted Woodpecker
31. Chestnut-headed Bee-eater
32. Blue-tailed Bee-eater
33. Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher
34. Blue-eared Kingfisher
35. Common Kingfisher
36. Stork-billed Kingfisher
37. Ruddy Kingfisher
38. White-throated Kingfisher
39. Black-capped Kingfisher
40. Collared Kingfisher
41. Red-breasted Parakeet
42. Long-tailed Parakeet
43. Alexandrine Parakeet
44. Vernal Hanging Parrot
45. Small Minivet
46. Scarlet Minivet
47. Ashy Minivet
48. Large Cuckooshrike
49. Mangrove Whistler
50. Indian Golden Oriole
51. Black-Naped Oriole
52. Greater Racket-tailed Drongo
53. White Breasted Wood Swallow
54. Olive-backed Sunbird
55. Asian Fairy-bluebird
56. White-Rumped Munia
57. Forest Wagtail
58. Grey Wagtail
59. Yellow Wagtail
60. Thick-billed Warbler
61. Black-browed Reed Warbler
62. Oriental Reed Warbler
63. Clamorous Reed Warbler
64. Dusky Warbler
65. Barn Swallow
66. Oriental Magpie Robin
67. Orange-headed Thrush
68. Hill Myna
69. Whimbrel
70. Grey Heron

We are a group of Certified and Passionate Birders who can take you  to birding trips, suiting best to your guest Tour Plan…..!!!
We also offer packaged birding tour including logistics also.

“We guarantee you  the satisfaction of birding with us”

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