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Snorkeling in Andaman – A Complete Adventure Guide

Are you an adventure freak and constantly seek adrenaline rush while traveling? Then Andaman has the best adventure for you- Snorkelling in Andaman . Snorkeling is, swimming inside a water body or swimming on the surface using a designed tube namely snorkel. A well-known water diving activity, the snorkel is popular in tropical locations. The exciting corals and various other underwater organisms can be seen while one snorkel. Snorkel is the instrument that lets you breathe while you’re cherishing the underwater experience.
Best part is that you don’t even have to be a swimmer in order to snorkel.
The 30 cm J-shaped cylinder acts as your breathing tube. Snorkel consists of a mask and fins.

You shouldn’t be missing out on this fun-filled adventure if you are in Andaman. The enthralling view and life inside the sea is astonishingly exuberant. Lovely rendezvous with sharks as you swim through the azure water will create indelible memories for sure!

Here are Top 3 locations for Snorkeling in Andaman.


A boat from Havelock Island Dock takes you to the Elephant Beach. You may opt for a kayak that takes you through the mangroves on the way. The beach is about 20 minutes away from the Havelock island dock. The calm beach will brim your heart with tranquillity and mind with peace. The mesmerizing white sand beach is extremely clean and untouched since littering is not allowed. You’ll witness aligned trees on the beach and coral reefs too. The amazing marine life including crocodiles, octopuses, fishes. Adorn your trip to Elephant island by trying out an adventure sport like snorkeling. You just can’t get enough of the underwater world!


The island is veiled with corals extending to a large area. With a maximum depth of 15-25 feet deep, swimmers and non-swimmers both get to experience it escorted by professional local guides. School of fish, lobsters and coral reef will pave your way to the underwater world.
In case you are a bit skeptic about your safety, let me fetch a sigh of relief by telling you that you’ll be provided with life rings and jackets during the whole process.


Situated in south Andaman, this island is close to Wandoor and is a part of Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. Jolly buoy island is a treat to the eyes! This island is one of the virgin islands in Andaman. The main attraction is zebra fish that you get to see within the water. Another neighboring island is Red Skin Island. Both the islands are open alternatively every 6 months, that is, November-April for Jolly Buoy and May to October assigned to Red Skin Island. The snorkeling is a must if you’re planning to be there. The 15 minutes of snorkeling experience is going to last forever in your memory! Photo ID proof is pre-requisite to booking tickets.

Snorkeling in andaman


Here are some little tips for you if you’re a beginner in snorkeling –


Being cautious while snorkeling is important because you don’t want to risk your life amidst the vast ocean.


Even though your guide will provide you with the equipment but it’s important to make sure that it’s in good conditions and also you must wear the mask and fins properly.


Remember that marine life are better left untouched, witness their beautiful from a safe distance and have a good time!

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