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9 Most Thrilling Water Sports in Andaman

The Andaman Archipelago being one of the most stunning places you can go to for a Vacation has acquired such fame because of the thrilling activities, especially water sports, you can be a part of during your visit to this place. And guess what, you don’t need to know swimming for getting indulged into these sports! So, if you’re a non-swimmer than this proves to be a cherry on the cake for you. Doesn’t it? So, now instead of just gawking at your friends while they’re enjoying these fun-filled sports, you can enjoy these along with them. Here’s a list of 11 of the most thrilling water sports that you can explore while in the Andaman, even if you don’t know swimming.


Water Sports in Andaman snorkeling in andaman

Snorkelling—An adventure once experienced lasts with you as a memory of a lifetime. This is something you’ve got to try if you love the reefs or want to explore them even if you don’t know swimming because it is just as safe an experience for non-swimmers as it is for swimmers, the presence of a guide or instructor at all times of the experience being one of the reasons behind it. The North Bay Island and the Havelock Island are two of the best places to indulge in this beautiful experience and discover the beauty of the marine wildlife of the Andaman waters. Book Snorkeling now

2. Jet Skiing

Water Sports in Andaman jet skiing in andaman

Now comes Jet Skiing. But wait, because while most of the other activities are an absolutely safe thing, when Jet Skiing is concerned, you will need to make sure that you are not going for it in extreme weather conditions like heavy rainfall or stormy conditions as that can be an invitation to danger. However, if things be in your favour and the climatic conditions be perfectly alright on your visit to the Andamans, giving this activity a try would be totally worth it.

3. Angling or Sport Fishing

Another one of the thrilling water sports you can give a try to, that too without having to go inside the waters, is sport fishing also known as Angling. This is going to be one of the most adventurous things you can try doing in the Andamans. So, go catch your own fish. And yeah, you can have that as your meal too!

4. Scuba Diving

Water Sports in Andaman scuba diving in andaman

If you think that the knowledge of the skills of swimming is one of the necessary assets to get to experience the beauty of scuba diving, then it’s time to bring the truth upfront. No, you do not need to be well versed with the concept of swimming to explore this activity which is a part of almost everyone’s bucket lists. It can be enjoyed by people who have minimum or even no knowledge of swimming with the company of a guide who will be their while you are going for it. But, if you want to go for advanced courses, prior experience of swimming along with certificates will be a necessary requirement. Certificates of PADI will be another necessary thing that you’ll need to get issued by the Government of Andaman to indulge in this activity. The PADI certificates are again, issued to both beginners and professionals, so you don’t need to know swimming for this.

5. Parasailing

Water Sports in Andaman parasailing in andaman

Parasailing—an experience which is an amalgam of both, water and air type adventures. Being so, it will just double the amount of fun you have while you are tied behind a motor boat from one side of the setup and with a parachute from the other to help you sail in air while you have that humongous water body right under your feet. Sounds thrilling! Doesn’t it? And again, you don’t need to be a swimmer for this.

6. Speed Boating

If you’re scared to try the jet ski, don’t worry because we have something as interesting and speedy for you. That’s right. It is the speed boat that we are talking about. Now you can enjoy that speedy ride without having to let the waters touch you, in this safe and secure speed boat.

7. Banana Boat Rides

Water Sports in Andaman banana boat rides in andaman

Banana Boat Ride—A ride that enables six people to explore the thrilling experience of rushing through the waters of the sea while sitting on a boat built in the shape of a banana. This is made to rush through the waters by being tied to a boat that pulls it through this offbeat riding experience. And there’s no need to worry for those who haven’t tried this before because it is a totally safe ride and one that is worth it. Your safety is ensured not only by you being provided with a life jacket but a guide/instructor is also sent along with each group willing to take the ride, on the ride. So, you can now enjoy a fun filled ride without having to worry!

8. Undersea Walking

Water Sports in Andaman sea walking in andaman

sports in Andaman is Undersea Walking. Trust us—this is an experience you won’t want to miss!

9. Glass Bottom Boat Riding

A ride in the Andaman Dolphin Glass Boat in Port Blair would be the perfect thing for those who are scared of other water activities or are willing to avoid them because of some health issues. This boat is made with a central Glass Bottom. It is the perfect way to explore the Coral Reefs without having to go underwater. Other than Port Blair you can ride this boat from Water Sports Complex to North Bay Coral Island.

Caution: People with back problems would need to avoid this due to the high speed at which this boat runs.

So, these were some of the best and the most adventurous water sports you can enjoy in the Andamans. Hope you will!

Now, water activities aren’t restricted to just swimming, scuba diving or boating. There’s a lot more you can do in the waters especially when you visit the North Bay Island, Port Blair or the Elephant Beach, Havelock Island to explore its beautiful waters inside out. Enjoy the unspoiled and untouched marine wildlife through sea walking under the waters of these beautiful places. And once again, you don’t need to know swimming or scuba diving for this because you’ll be given a proper suit with a helmet to give to constant supply of oxygen along with assistance to explore the water.

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