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November 10, 2018
Top Honeymoon Places in Andaman Nicobar Islands_Neil Island Bharatpur Beach

Best Time To Visit Andaman – Everything You Need To Know

The tropical archipelago is subjected to very less alteration in temperature. The temperature swings between 20 to 35 degree Celsius throughout the year. The serene climate is one of the reasons why Andaman is a tourists’ favourite. You can say Best Time To Visit Andaman – Its all round the year. Andaman basically has two seasons only- Monsoon and Summer. The weather is mostly breezy and delightful sans humidity. You can totally chill watching the waves flirt with the beach as it moves to and fro.   ANDAMAN FROM JANUARY TO MAY: The ideal season to visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Summer in Andaman stretches from January to May. If you are an adventure enthusiast this is the season for you. You’ll love sea walking, diving, snorkeling in this pleasant weather and discover to the world underwater. The temperature fluctuates between 25 to 35 degree Celsius during this period. You should visit Andaman during this time to witness it at its best. Do you love festivals? Well, lucky for you because Andaman offers Island Tourism Festivals and Subhash Mela for tourists! Sounds great, right? So pack your bags for the beach and palms are summoning you, what are you waiting for? book your tickets now! ANDAMAN FROM JUNE – DECEMBER: Surprisingly, Andaman receive monsoon twice- one that lasts from November till January and the other lasts from May to September. The temperature keeps on fluctuating ranging from 22 to 30 degrees. This is the best time to visit Andaman if you are a Monsoon lover. Sipping coffee in your cozy hotel room isn’t that bad idea either. Also, it’ll be the perfect time for you to take a break and spend some quality time with your family and enjoy the perfect island monsoon. So what are you waiting for. Plan your trip to Andaman now. Use the WhatsApp button below to get your perfect trip planned.  
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