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October 25, 2018

Traveling to Andaman with Kids? Things You Must Know

Planning for an odyssey to Andaman with your munchkins? Taking a break from the daily hustle and bustle once in a while with your family unwinds your mind and beach is always a good idea. In case you’re having qualms about this trip we are here to help. Enlighten yourself with some of the things you ought to know about travelling with kids to Andaman. To all the worried mommies and daddies out there, Andaman is absolutely safe for children. Kids are totally going to love building lego houses on the beach with the white sand under the clear blue sky. Andaman is a heaven in disguise. Fun never ends when you’re in Andaman. There are plenty of other activities for your kids to indulge into and places to be in. Still curious? Scroll down… 1. BE SUPER CAUTIOUS WHEN IN: -ELEPHANT BEACH AT HAVELOCK ISLAND: The bumpy ride from Havelock dock to Elephant beach is stretched with coral reefs throughout the way so, managing the ride might get difficult when you’re travelling with an infant. -BATARANG ISLAND: Here the deal, the whole trip extends till 3PM and starts from 3AM which is clearly hectic for children or even elders. 2. UNDERWATER WORLD EXPLORATION FOR CHILDREN- Sea walking is a must experience for your munchkins if they are at least 7 years. It doesn’t require one to know swimming. It’s much safer compared to scuba diving. So why not! However, if your kid is above 10 years then he can surely avail for scuba diving. 3. A VISIT TO HAVELOCK ISLAND IN A PRIVATE CRUISE OR A GOVERNMENT FERRY This visit is something you shouldn’t miss in Andaman. 4. BEACH VIBES: Asia’s Best Beach, Radhanagar Beach, definitely has to be in your list. Bask in the glory of sun and witness the paradise with your kids and create unforgettable memories. 5. SEAFOOD LOVER? ANDAMAN IS ZION OF SEAFOOD. Some of the best Sea Food restaurants are in Andaman. You can check with the guide to take you there. 6. LIGHT AND SOUND SHOW IN CELLULAR JAIL This enlightens one about the legends who fought for independence are definitely going to be an enthrallingly enriching experience about history for your kiddos. 7. SAVE A DAY FOR MUSEUM SPREE: Samudrika Marine Museum maintained by the Indian Navy, Anthropological Museum-all about the tribal culture in Andaman, Kalapani Musuem-treasury for quaint photographs and original documents are the three museums to visit with kids when in Andaman. 8. ROSS ISLAND, Currently under the control of Indian Navy, is a must visit. Seize the moment in the calm island and have the time of your life with your children 9. Oh, Visit the location – 20 Rupees Note backside Andaman Photo Don’t forget to mention to your kids that North Bay island is the island that we see at the back of INR 20 note.
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honeymoon in andaman

How to Plan Perfect Honeymoon in Andaman

Andaman has the perfect aura for a romantic tryst for you and your partner. After all, beach honeymoons can never go wrong. Soft wind rushing through your hair and gently patting your face, turquoise water and resting under the azure sky, being surrounded by tranquility, walking bare feet on the ivory sand and having the time of your lives, sounds quintessential, right? So, what are you waiting for? How about a secret little rendezvous in the archipelago with your bae? For the couples scratching their heads wondering where to plan their honeymoon in Andaman. Andaman is the answer. Let this new phase of your life commence in a resplendent manner. 5 nights and 6 days package in this dreamy island is a good idea, exploring Port Blair and Havelock Island and making memories. PLACE TO VISIT 1. Carbyn’s Cove Beach 2. Cellular Jail Light and Sound Show 3.Havelock Island – Radhanagar Beach 4. Elephant Beach + Snorkeling 5. Chidyatapu 6. Port Blair City Museums 7. Ross Island 8. Cellular Jail PLANNING THE EXPEDITION 1. ARRIVAL: Arriving at the hotel and kick starting the journey by visiting Carbyn’s Cove Beach. It has numerous casual eateries and kiosks nearby to shut the hunger pangs. The beach is located 8 km away from the City Centre. The beach brims with coconut palm trees and is absolutely suitable for basking in the glory of the sun. Sound and Light Show at Cellular Jail is something you just can’t afford to miss, so head straight to Cellular Jail next to witness this enticing experience. 2. AT BEACH WITH BAE: A ferry ride from Port Blair to Havelock takes approximately 2-3 hours. On reaching Havelock, make sure you visit Asia’s Best Beach. Yes, we’re talking about Radhanagar beach. 3. THE THALASSIC LIFE: Elephant Beach offers thrilling snorkeling experience. Observing the marine life that’ll leave indelible memories, snorkeling is a breath taking adventure. Apart from snorkeling, you can try out banana boat rides, speed boats and swimming as well. TOO MUCH FUN! 4. BEING A WANDERER FOR A DAY: Put on your favourite sunglasses and en route to Ross island. A ferry from Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex drops you there. Feel the history come back to life as you wander amidst the historic wrecks. 5. STILL A LOOK MORE: There’s so much in store left-Chatham Saw Mill, Forest museum, Fishery Museum and shopping at the Aberdeen Bazaar, Government Emporium. Reserve the fifth day for a wee yet some of the significant places of the Andaman archipelago. 6. ONE LAST TIME: The last day is for biding adieu to this gorgeous island and take back home a bag full of reminisce. You can also customize you Honeymoon with Ghummo Andaman by adding your special requirements. Just use the Whatsapp button below to plan the most memorable Andaman and Nicobar Honeymoon Package for You and your Bae.
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