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October 12, 2018
Surprising Details About Barren Island - The Only Active Volcano in India

Surprising Details About Barren Island – The Only Active Volcano in India

A trip to Andaman can never ever be complete unless you’ve paid your visit to the only active volcano in South Asia. A must visit place for every Andaman Goer. Here are some of the surprising details that you probably don’t know about Barren Island. The Barren Island is located about 86 miles north-east to Port Blair, the volcano last erupted on 23rd January 2017 leaving ash laden clouds drifting through sky and red pungent lava moving downhills though it was barely a 2 on the scale. Abhay Mudholkar and B. Nagender Nath from the NIO saw the episode from a mile away and observed the frequent eruptions every 5 to 10 minutes. However, 1991 eruption had an unsolicited obnoxious impact on the flaura and flora population. Aftermath the dreadful eruption, only 6 out of 16 species of birds were noticed and only one species of rat remained. An active lava is believed to erupt at least once in every 10,000 years. The dauntingly Delphic volcano lies on the Indian and Burmese tectonic plates and the island is stretched over 3 km. You might be wondering why it’s called “Barren Island”. Well, the name justifies the fact that it has zero vegetation and is bleak with its only residents as hardy goats, birds, bats and rats who’ve braved all the anomalies and morbid conditions. The mysterious part about it is how the goats got into this island. Barren Island is renowned for its scuba diving around the world for the abundant marine life and corals. It’s difficult to take your eyes off the underwater marvels. Bet you’ll make indelible memories as you swim with school of fishes in the clear profound turquoise water. What makes this island more gorgeous is the purple-black toned bedrock. It’s distinct and one of a kind. HOW TO GET THERE? Ships from Phoenix Bay Jetty, Port Blair leave for Barren island thrice a week. The fare and schedule vary as per the number of passenger and weather. Or you can take a seaplane from Port Blair to get the picturesque view from up.
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10 Commonly Asked Questions About Andaman And Nicobar Islands

If you’re reading this article then you’re probably planning an expedition to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. We are here to quell your curiosity and let you know all the things you need to know about this magic ethereal island. Q1: Do we need a passport to go to Andaman? Depends. If you’re a resident of India, you don’t need a visa/passport. However, for foreigners, passport with India Visa is mandatory. A Restricted Area Permit (RAP), issued for 30 days and expandable for 15 more days is also requisite. Q2: What is RAP? Any foreigner sans citizen of Bhutan who wants to visit a restricted area, has to obtain a RAP from the authority. It is obtained after arriving at Port Blair and the whole process is a matter of 15 minutes and costs nothing. Q3: How to extend the VISA? Foreigners are officially permitted a 30 days VISA that can be extended to 15 at most by seeking permission from 3 days before. The Havelock Police Station or Immigration Office in Port Blair is where you need to go if you desire to extend your holiday. Q4: How long does it take to reach the archipelago? Ships take about 3-4 days to reach whereas, a flight from Kolkata or Chennai takes just 2 hours and 5 hours from Delhi. Q5: Do we have access to all the islands? Tourists have access to only 32 selected islands. Q6: Can we use Indian currency there? Of course, it is an Indian union territory. Q7: What are the stuffs is need to carry with myself? Clothes, medicines, driver license (if you wish to), important documents, enough cash and your cards. Credit card is accepted in quite a lot of places. Q8: Is there a prevalent nightlife? Usually, nights are tranquil and calm. No disco music and lightings, however, during New Year and Christmas you’ll get to see a lot of lively parties. Q9: Do we get imported alcohol in Andaman? Imported alcohol is scarcely available, though alcohol is available in Andaman. Black Label, Black & White, Smirnoff, Bacardi and Kingfisher beer are available. Q10: Is very food expensive there? Do we get vegetarian food? Depends on what you eat and how much you eat. Decent restaurants range from INR400-INR 600, however, local eateries run by locals serve at a lesser rate and do not burn a whole in the pocket. Owing to the high demand, sea food costs comparatively higher. Yes, vegetarian foods are easily available. So, no worries!
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