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September 11, 2018
Top Beaches in Andaman

Beaches in Andaman – Here Are Top 20

The Andaman Archipelago is a place which everyone should try to visit at least once in their lifetime. This place is famous for its waters and islands but above all it is known for its stunning beaches. This is because these seem to be the combination of all other natural aspects of this place. Tucked in the various islands, the beaches of the Andamans have sparkling and clear waters and smooth sands. Along with these features, the cottages and huts in these beaches and the water sports performed here make these a must visit. For this reason, we have brought forth the features of the 20 most stunning beaches in the Andaman Archipelago that one wouldn’t want to miss visiting once they are in the Andamans. PORT BLAIR Wandoor Beach Being a gateway to the Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park, it is one of the most famous and alluring beaches that one would want to visit in Andaman. It has the treasury of some of the most exquisite corals and exotic marine fauna and it is therefore, that not only regular tourists but professional artists can visit this place to capture its beauty in their cameras and their canvases. Glass-Bottom Boat Riding is one of the most famous water activity here and you must add it to your list while visiting the Wandoor Beach. Corbyn’s Cove One of the most unspoiled beauties in Andaman, precisely in Port Blair, is the Corbyn’s Cove beach. It is lined with Coconut Plantations and is a perfect place to spend your leisure hours feeling the warmth of nature. Here you can enjoy the comforting beach atmosphere or take up a boat ride to the Snake Island. Famous for water activities like boating, swimming and surfing it gives you a lot of things you can try exploring when at this haven of nature. HAVELOCK ISLAND Elephant Beach Elephant Beach is a very beautiful beach in the Havelock Island. This place some of the most exotic coral reefs along with its sparkling waters. And to visit this beauty many people prefer taking a boat ride. While that may sound cool to many, what’s more adventurous and thrilling is Trekking to this place. And we particularly suggest to try to trek to this place through the marshlands, forests and mangrove lands to make it an all the more offbeat and thrilling experience. Things you can do here are trekking up to this place or just spending hours of leisure observing its beautiful marine ecosystem. The mysterious wildlife that lies deep in the forests of the Havelock Islands can also be explored while you trek up to this amazing place. Sea walking and snorkeling are two of the most famous water activities here except for boat riding. Kala Pathar Beach The Kalapathar Beach near the Havelock Ferry Ghat is best known for its silvery sands and aqua green waters. It is one of the most loved beaches among the ones that lie close to the Havelock Islands, not just because of the beauty and peaceful atmosphere that it has but also because of the drive to reach this attraction making it an unforgettable journey. The best way to reach these islands is by using a two-wheeler but a cab can also be hired for the same. A visit can be paid to the beach during any time of the year. Radhanagar Beach The Beach number 3 in the Havelock Islands is also known as the Radhanagar or the White Sand Beach. Radhanagar Beach in India is worth paying a visit because of the beauty of its white sand which is as smooth as the finely ground flour is. It is located on the Western coast of the Havelock Island. Sunbathing and swimming are just a few of the things which we can suggest you to take advantage of while you visit this beauty to make memories for a lifetime. If you’ve decided to pay a visit to the Andamans, this beach is the one which you must visit for sure! And if you need some more reasons to do so, here they go: This beach has been rated as the best beach in India by those who paid a visit to the same, so you don’t need to worry about fake ratings. And if you’re a photographer, this will prove to be a blessing for you because you’ll get to click pictures which will prove to be ethereally beautiful. The Time Magazine rated it as the Best Beach in India and the & 7th Best one in the World. So, now we hope you have reasons enough to visit this place. Vijaynagar Beach The beach number 4 in the Havelock Island is known as the Vijaynagar Beach. For those who are new to the world of swimming and surfing, this is the perfect place to practice these water activities because of its clean and shallow waters. This place is famous for swimming, boating as well as photography. And if you’re looking for some relaxation during your vacay, you can be rest assured to get that when you visit this place as its peaceful atmosphere is sure to offer you the same. Its along the coast Mahua Vegetation, clear waters and scenic beauty are something which make it a must visit. BARATANG Merk Bay Beach The Merk Bay Beach in Baratang is another one of the White Sand Beaches. It is one of the most unexplored and less visited beauties and therefore, offers a serene and peaceful atmosphere to those who visit it, along with its scenic beauty. If you’re looking for another great reason to convince yourself to visit this place, then we have brought that forth for you, right here. This place offers amazing sunset views and this is why we feel you’ll love to visit this place with your partner. While all this lies true, snorkelling, spotting dolphins and bird watching are a few things that make this beach all the more an alluring location. Baludera Beach Looking for a perfect picnic spot or a place for a family outing in Andaman? If yes, then this is just the right place for you. Famous for its Elephant Rides, this place is one of the least crowded and unspoilt beaches in Andaman. The seafront here has a curved sand way that is intertwined with Mangrove vegetation. And it is thus, rightly named as the Baludera Beach. LONG ISLAND Lalaji Bay Beach The most popular beach of Long Island is the Lalaji Bay Beach. And it is rightly so because here you can access features not only like sunbathing and boating like on any other beach but you can also spot dolphins here. Doesn’t that sound exciting? Accessible in small dinghies through Mangrove creeks and tropical waterways, it is located at a distance of 6 km from the main jetty. Known for its scenic beauty, it becomes a place where you can spend hours of your leisure time. And thus, this place becomes a must visit! NEIL ISLAND Laxmanpur Beach The Laxmanpur beach at Neil Island is the perfect place to adore the beautiful Sunset for it offers the most amazing view of the same. Its white shell sands and shallow waters come together to make it not only a picturesque location but also a place that is ideal for snorkelling and swimming. It’s a cherry on the cake to your visit if you’re planning to go to this place with your partner while on your honeymoon in Andaman. Sitapur Beach Just like Laxmanpur beach is famous for its Sunset, Sitapur Beach is primarily visited because of the amazing Sunrise views that one can experience while at this place. It is located at the tip of the Neil Island and is one of the most stunning and unspoilt beaches in Andaman. This place has clear turquoise waters, exotic flora and white sands altogether making it a highly photogenic place. Bharatpur Beach Enriched with exquisite natural relief features like exotic flora and fauna both underwater and on the shores and sands, this beach is a sure shot way feel as close as possible to nature. It is best known for its scenic beauty, its exotic coral reefs contributing a great deal, to the same. You can also try some of the amazing water sports here. RANGAT ISLAND Raman Bageecha Beach Located near the Rangat Jetty, the Raman Bageecha Beach is a great place tos be visited by solo travellers looking for serenity as well as scenic beauty. That is because the place has a combination of white sands and turquoise waters making it an ideal photographic and leisure location. Aam Kunj Beach The Rangat Island offers a true picture of natural beauty in the form of the grey sand and grey water beach—the Aam Kunj Beach. This place though offers a lot in the form of natural scenic beauty like wooden benches and log sofas, it stands unsuitable for water activities like snorkeling and scuba diving because of the submerged boulders that are present here. However, turtle spotting, one of the least available features normally, is the one which becomes the core reason for tourists to visit this place. LITTLE ANDAMAN Butler Bay Beach The Little Andaman is a place that lay as a remote location in the Andamans. It is for this reason that the Butler Bay Beach in the Little Andaman is an unspoilt beauty. Here, you can not only ride the elephants but also explore water sports like kayaking, surfing and swimming. If you’re looking for peace and serenity in the lap of nature, then this is just the perfect place you can pay a visit to. MAYABUNDER Karmatang Beach Mayabunder has a great deal to offer in the form of natural beauty, the Karmatang Beach being just an example of the same. This place connects you thrilling forests and a small park. Another resting place in this location is the feature of beach huts that are present here. This place offers you unlimited reasons to visit the location, offering amazing views of the Sunset being just another one of those. Avis Island Beach This mesmerising beauty is most famous for its waters and stunningly exotic coral reefs. It’s a must visit if you’re planning to go to Mayabunder. And that’s not all that it has to offer, because we saved its best feature for the last—this place is an ideal location in Mayabunder to view the Sunset (along with the Karmatang Beach being one of these locations). ROSS ISLAND Sandbar between Ross and Smith Islands As the name might have made it clear to some of you, this is the stretch of sandy land between the twin islands of Ross and Smith. It is because of this reason that calling this place a beach becomes a topic of debate many a times. In spite of all these factors, it stands as one of the most stunning rather fascinating places you can pay a visit to because it has waters as well as forests on both sides of this sandy stretch of land. A few things you can try over here for the purpose of enjoyment are swimming, snorkelling and the best of all being—taking a walk from one island to the other. DIGLIPUR Pathi Level Beach Known widely for the Chalis Ek Caves and Alfred Caves, this place has a great deal to offer in terms of a natural and peaceful environment. This place lies in close proximity to the Ram Nagar Beach and is one of the most offbeat ones in Andaman. The Pathi Level Beach can be reached via a boat or a typical dinghy. Being so close to nature, this is a place which is worth all the effort you would need to take to visit a beach. Kalipur Beach Last but not the least, we have the most famous beach of Diglipur (the largest town of the North Island)—the Kalipur Beach. One can trek to Saddle peak from this place, that being one of the other most famous and nearest location from the Kalipur Beach. If not trekking to the peak, one can also get an amazing view of the same from the Kalipur Beach. Having mentioned all this, I would like to mention the reason why this beach became so famous and so loved a tourist attraction—Sea turtles—yes, that is just what you can get to spot here very easily. Visit this place for an amazing experience. Now, that you know about the 20 most stunning beaches in Andaman you can try experimenting with the water sports and other forms of enjoyment that you can explore when you visit these places. And for your visit to the Andamans—we hope you have a very Happy and adventurously thrilling journey! Planning a vacation? Check out some of our trending tours here.
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