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August 25, 2018

Best Things to Buy in The Andaman Islands – Here are Top 7

Pristine emerald beaches with white sand, sunsets, gushing wind brushing your cheeks gently and waves moving too and fro and of course, sea food-all this totally sum up Andaman! Away from all the hustle and bustle of city life, a chance to explore the archipelago of Sentinelese that’s rich in flora and fauna. Apart from the scenic beauty, Andaman has another thing to offer-shopping! Like any other tourist spot, Andaman too has a lot for you to shop. Countless souvenirs that are exclusively found in Andaman will act as memory hoarder when you go back to your usual mundane life. Andaman has a vivid local and beach market in addition to some shopping emporia, a heaven for shopaholics! Though clothes and attire shopping from Andaman isn’t a good idea here, but there are plenty more stuff you can get your hands on. We have listed some of the best shop-worthy items that you can buy from the markets of Andaman for you and your loved ones- 1. Wooden Artifacts: Andaman brims with wood. Wooden home decors and artifacts made of timber, oak etc., definitely needs to be in your list. Ornamental woods like paduak, Chui are used to making showpieces. Interior artifacts like wall hanging, furniture, also kitchen utensils are sold in abundance. The high-quality wooden items are decay proof and easily transportable. However, as per the recent laws in Andaman, it is illegal to collect wooden items like driftwood from the beach keeping in mind the preservation of the biodiversity. 2. Pearl Jewellery: Precious exquisite high-quality pearl adornments such as earrings, neckpieces, bracelets come at a very reasonable price tag. So if you’re planning to gift some souvenir to your loved ones, pearl jewellery is definitely worth consideration. You can get pretty pearl jewellery at Sagarika Emporium, a Government of Andaman established emporium that encourages local sellers to sell their products. 3. Hats: Wandering on the beach is cool but without a hat? NAY! You need to protect your hair and eyes from the UV rays of sun hence hat is a must-have during a beach vacation. There are some trendy hats in the local market that’ll protect your skin from sunburn and make you look chic as well. You can grab your hat from Aberdeen Bazaar, Port Blair. 4. Seashells: Beach and seashells, both the terms go hand in hand, isn’t it? Shell craft industry is a major source of income in Andaman. Seashells are used in various accessories like bangles, lamps, mirrors and many other items. Also, the authorities don’t let tourists collect sea shells, since as per the Wildlife Conservation Act, 2013, it is a punishable offense. So you need to be extra cautious if you have a habit of collecting sea shells from the beaches. 5. Bamboo Artifacts: Bamboo baskets, bags, furniture, wall hangings, lamp shade, home décor also are popular in Andaman. Bamboo artifacts are made by tribal artisans. Also, bamboo is an eco-friendly and durable alternative to plastic so thumbs up for bamboo bags. You can also grab some Bamboo doormats and place them at the entrance of your house. 6. Spices: Who doesn’t need spices? One of the most important kitchen ingredients, spices add flavor to your food. Andamanese spices like black peppers, cinnamon, cloves are of amazing quality and you surely don’t want to miss on these kitchen seasonings. 7. Coconut Crafts: You get to see coconut trees in Andaman every now and then. Andaman is densely populated with coconut trees. The locals have very well exploited this opportunity to earn a livelihood. There are a hand full of coconut shell, stem and fiber exporters, and wholesalers. Apart from being a thirst quencher, coconut is used to manufacture lamps, mugs and many other utilities as well.
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