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July 2012

Andmans Destiny To Adventure Lovers

Andaman and Nicobar Islands 1. Seasoned scuba divers love the clear waters around Barren Island and Narcondam Island. 2. India’s only active volcano is also on the picturesque Barren Island. And the best views can be had from the Pawan Hans Cessna flight that flies daily from Port Blair. The flights don’t operate during monsoon. 3. Watch elephants being trained for logging as you trek the Madhuban nature trail on Mount Harriet, 55 km by road from Port Blair. Saddle Peak, the highest peak in the archipelago, is also a good day trek option. For other trekking routes, check http://tourism.andaman.nic.in 4. Snorkelling, diving, canoeing… You name it and the beautiful Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park in Wandoor, 30 km from Port Blair, offers it. The park is also known for its birding sites. At last count, more than 100 species were spotted here. None of these activities, however, can be done during the monsoon. Yahoo Travel Blog recommends Andamans as one of the best diving spot in India and we at Ghummo Andaman delivers our guest with a tailor made best to suite diving program. Come and Dive with Ghummo Andaman
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God’s Own Paradise- Andamans

Overview of the destination Andaman is a beautiful place to visit. It’s kind of international tourist destination people who are fond of island and beaches. With kind and helpful people it makes the entire trip very easy and exciting. The lovely weather adds a sweet flavor to it. Numerous and famous island attached to the port blair makes it more beautiful and lively. Having a candle light dinner next to the beach with your beloved is an life time experience. Food, sight-seeing and shopping You can get all types of meals which includes all the south indian meals, north indian meals, oriental and even continental at some places. AFC is good place at port blair to have andaman fried chicken. They keep fresh chicken. Then Annapurna is nice and good place to have any north or south indian meals. Another place is Blue Sea Hotel restaurant. At Havelock Island there is a restaurant named as Blue Moon. They serve most of the international cuisine there. Try Nariyal Paani any where to quench your thirst. Sight seeing at port blair consist of Cellular Jail’s light and sound shows.Then there are numerous aquarium to spend your leisure time. Ross Island is a very beautiful island to visit.Then at middle port blair(andaman) you can even see limestone caves, only thing is that it takes 12 hours to reach limestone caves from Veer Savarkar Airport. Bus service starts by 4 in the morning.Last but not the least Port Blair’s beautiful beaches are amazing. Sea green , blue water and nice and clean beaches are very rare to see in India. For shopping Abadin Bazar is the best place. You can get everything over there. There is one more good market there known as middle market. Activities & things to do  Activities at Port Blair (North Bay) are Water Sports. At north bay water sport are open. Water sports such as Speed Boat ride, Sofa ride, Banana ride, Jet Ski ride, Snorkelling, Scuba Diving are all open to tourist. At Havelock island water sports facility are open but its bit expensive. Corals can be seen at North Bay island with naked eyes Another activity is ship ride from one island to another. Ship ride is amazing. You can come out in open or even can sit on the deck of the ship (once you have the captain’s permission)and can see the waves moving and roaring high while the ship strides on towards the island. Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc. Best way to get at Andaman is the air plane. It takes approx. 2 hours from Kolkatta or Chennai. Avoid going in monsoons as the weather and ocean are worst in that period. Travelling in ship to Andaman takes approx. 5 days and the headache that you’ll get once you reach the island takes about one week to get rid off. Keep necessary items with you such as first aid box, torch, scissor, plastic bag while travelling.
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Havelock – The beauty of an Island

      Overview of the destinationThe Havelock Island is in Port Blair, it is at a distance of about 3 hours by sea. It a magnificent island with unmatched natural beauty. Food, sight-seeing and shopping One must never miss Radha nagar beach, elephant beach, scuba diving. Its surely a must do while in Havelock. Radha Nagar beach is undoubtedly obe of the few cleanest beaches in India. The water is so crystal clear that one can see their feet even when immersed in water 5 feet deep. The beach is extremely well maintained. Activities & things to do Scuba diving is one activity one cannot miss while in Havelock. It is once in a lifetime experience the marine beauty is splendid. Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc. Try not to go to the Havelcok Island in monsoons because then the entire beach fun is something one will miss. To reach Havelock you have to reach Port Blair, from where sea ferry goes on a daily basis. For those trying to do something really new Havelock also has an option to reach by seaplane but for that booking well in advance is realy required.             
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An Ultimate Experience Of Lifetime – Scuba Diving in Andaman

Andaman sports warm and clear waters with the highest variety of fish and coral life. Share the magic of these exotic islands with scuba diving. There’s a lot to do in Andaman but scuba diving remains to be the traveler’s favorite The sea waters of Andaman can introduce you to a fascinating and mystical underwater world full of hordes of colorful fishes, thriving marine life, rare coral reefs, remains of sunken vessels and a lot more than the average eye can explore. Scuba diving can help you experience the underwater life at its fullest, and what better place to do it than in Andaman? Scuba Diving and a Whole Lot More Check out the Andaman and Nicobar Scuba Diving Society at Wandoor, so that you can avail the best facilities. You can also hire popular private divers to help you rediscover natural beauty underwater. Besides scuba diving, the islands offer a plethora of other activities and adventure options like snorkeling in Corbyn’s Cove, Havelock and Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park; trekking from Mt. Harriet to Madhuban to gaze at some wonderful flora and fauna, and island camping. The latter will surely appeal to you if you’re a nature enthusiast who loves to enjoy and relish the pristine beauty and bounty of nature in all its glory. A visit to the cellular jail is a must for every tourist since the walls here narrate the struggles and pain that people took to achieve independence. When to Visit Andaman Temperatures in Andaman range between 23oC to 31o C owing to the sea breeze and the humidity levels stay at 80% throughout the year. The months of December and January constitute the peak season; however, the best time to visit the islands and enjoy its many tourism features would be between the months of December and April. Conditions for scuba diving are ideal between mid-January and mid-May, since the skies are sunny and the sea lies flat, reflecting the beauty of the clouds. If you are planning to delve into adventure sports, stay away from the islands from late May through July on account of strong winds, low visibility underwater and frequent rainfall. Getting There and Beyond If you are not an Indian, you will need to hold a Restricted Area Permit to visit Andaman. You can collect this permit upon arrival at the Port Blair Airport; however, you need to arrange for one if you are traveling by sea, either while applying for a Visa or in Chennai.  This permit is usually valid for 30 days but this need to be specified while applying. Indian nationals require no permit and you can reach Andaman only from the Indian mainland, either by air or by sea. Flights to the island might not be so ‘low cost’ as portrayed as prices vary according to the travel dates. If you feel like it, take a cruise from Visakhapatnam, Chennai or Kolkata – but it will take at least 4 days for you to arrive at Port Blair. This may eat away into your travel itinerary and timings, but you could try it out for the experience of traveling by sea. Once you plan your trip well, you can experience the underwater magic in Andaman with no worries
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