September 28, 2018

Top 57 Things To Do In Andaman and Nicobar Islands [2019 Update]

The Andaman Islands or the Andaman Archipelago is one of the most amazing places you’d want to visit for a perfect Vacation. And when we say that, we have a reason for it! That being not just the beauty but the amazing experience you’ll have after discovering the varied cultural and diversified beauty of the Andamans which are inclusive of the Havelock Islands, the Neil Islands, Port Blair, the Baratang Islands and the Diglipur Islands. Through this post, we will give you innumerable reasons to unleash the beautiful discovery of visiting every part of the Andamans on your next Vacation, right from the South Andaman to the North Andaman as mentioned above. And trust us, you will love it! So here goes the list of Things to do in Andaman as to what you can try to discover in the Andamans, the next time you visit that beauty: – Take the Window Seat at your Flight to Port Blair Now, first thing’s first! Before you land in the beautiful islands of the Andaman to discover its enigma, make sure you take the window seat in your flight to Port Blair, because the aerial view of the same is just as beautiful and something you won’t want to miss. A Ride to the Kalapathar Beach near the Havelock Ferry Ghat The Kalapathar Beach is one of the most loved beaches among the ones that lie close to the Havelock Islands not just because of the beauty and peaceful atmosphere that it has but also because of the drive to reach this attraction making it an unforgettable journey. The lovely turquoise waters on the left side of the beach along with the rocky beachside with the backdrop of other islands make it a must to visit and spend a few hours of leisure time at the place. The best way to reach these islands is by using a two-wheeler but a cab can also be hired for the same. You can visit this place during any time of the year. Riding in the Andaman Dolphin Glass Boat, Port Blair A ride in the Andaman Dolphin Glass Boat in Port Blair would be the perfect thing for those who are scared of water activities or are willing to avoid them because of other issues. This boat which is made with a central Glass Bottom is the perfect way to explore the Coral Reefs without having to go underwater. So, now you can enjoy the beautiful reefs even if your health or certain other issues don’t allow you to. However, people with back problems would need to avoid this due to the high speed at which this boat runs. You can enjoy the ride during any time of the year. The White Sand Beach—The Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island The Radhanagar Beach in India is worth paying a visit because of the beauty of its white sand which is as smooth as the finely ground flour is. Sunbathing and swimming are just a few of the things which we can suggest you to take advantage of while you visit this beauty to make memories for a lifetime. If you’ve decided to pay a visit to the Andamans, this beach is the one which you must visit for sure! And if you need some more reasons to do so, here they go: This beach has been rated as the best beach in India by those who paid a visit to the same, so you don’t need to worry about fake ratings. And if you’re a photographer, this will prove to be a blessing for you because you’ll get to click pictures which will prove to be ethereally beautiful. You can visit this place during any time of the year. Visit Little Andaman Little Andaman, one of the remote islands in Andaman are a perfect destination for surfing as well as for enjoying its Waterfalls and wildlife (especially lagoons) that you get to see here. Boat Ride, Do Snorkeling as well as Trek to the Elephant Beach, Havelock Island The warm, shallow and clear waters of this place are perfect for Snorkeling and thus, it is a great option if you are willing to visit the Elephant Beach, and this especially if you take a trip with a boat to this place. Another reason for the same is the development of coral reefs. Things you can do here are trekking up to this place or just spending hours of leisure observing its beautiful marine ecosystem. The mysterious wildlife that lies deep in the forests of the Havelock Islands can also be explored while you trek up to this amazing place. The most favourable times to visit this place are the months of January, February, March, April, May, September, October, November and December. Shop at the Havelock Islands Coconut shells are the material used for making ornaments sold in the Havelock Islands. And we are sure you’d get some great gifts that you can shop for some of your loved ones from here. Scuba Diving—An Unforgettable experience You might have heard about the amazing adventure experience of Scuba Diving in books or in movies. But ever thought of doing it yourself in real life? Sounds thrilling! Doesn’t it? In the Andamans, you can enjoy this experience of a lifetime at the North Bay Island, Havelock Island, Neil Island and Chidiatapu. And don’t worry to miss this out if you don’t know how to swim because you don’t need to be a pro at swimming to experience this. So now even the people with a little or even no experience of swimming can explore the beautiful underwater coral reefs in Andaman. These reefs have been divided into two for scuba diving for both beginners and professionals at swimming. For advanced courses, swimming skills as well as in some cases a certificate of your previous diving experience may be required. Even if this is a new experience to you, this will be conducted in a controlled environment with guides who’ll be with you during the whole time of the activity. This can be explored during any time of the year. Riding the Coral Safari Semi-Submarine—Port Blair If not for the real submarine, you can always try out the Coral Safari Semi Submarine which becomes another option for you to view the beautiful reefs and the rich marine life, if you want to avoid water activities. You can enjoy the ride during any time of the year.   Cellular Jail, Port Blair—A Visit to the Historic Past of Andaman Colonization of the Islands by the Britishers resulted into the freedom struggle and made for its Historic Past. So, if you’re visiting the islands, you’ll for sure want to explore its history and to do so, the Cellular Jail at Port Blair is the place you need to visit. This place has a lot to say about the same, because as they say, people may come and people may go but history stays embedded in the architecture of the places. It is advisable to visit this magnanimous place in the presence of a guide who’ll be able to make you aware of its Historic Past with fidelity to help you gain an insight into the tumultuous past and struggle this place has witnessed. This experience can be unfolded during any time of the year. Go Bird Watching Islands are a place where you find a huge species of birds. And if you love to watch these lovely creatures? Andamans are one of the most suitable places for the same. Just gather all your snacks, mat and binoculars to spot the most amazing birds you’ll ever find. Explore the ultimate natural beauty of Andaman with Andaman Birding Buddies  Snorkeling and Boat Ride to the Jolly Bouy Island, Port Blair A perfect place for a family visit is to which you can snorkel as well as Boat Ride to enjoy the beauty. We say so because of the cleanliness and safety that the place provides especially for children. Coming under the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, there are a few prerequisites you’ll need to keep in mind before you visit this place. These are that this is a no-plastic zone so you won’t be allowed to carry any of those plastic materials to this place. Well, the second thing we would advise is to carry an extra pair of clothes because umhmm the waters here are way too tempting! The last and the most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that this place is open for only 7 months in a year as we have listed down below (this is mainly done to protect the beautiful coral reefs). At the other times of the year, that is, when this place closes, The Red Skin or the Tarmugli Island (also a part of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park) opens. This place can be visited during the months of: January, February, March, April, May, June, October, November and December. Explore the Forests of Andaman The forests in Andaman be one of the remotest and therefore, the most unexplored places. This makes these rich in their natural heritage. Who wouldn’t want to visit such a rich environment, right? And there are added brownie points to this. With only a few people having settled in these forests, you can actually learn how they spend their lives there along with the conduction of their day to day chores. Visiting the Joggers Park at Port Blair to View the Andaman Airport If you haven’t got the chance to view the entire runway, and will be most happy to do so then Joggers Park is just the right place for you tick this wish off your bucket list. You can now view the complete runway of the Andaman Airport from the Joggers Park in Port Blair. You can visit this place during any time of the year. Enjoy a Massage to relax yourself a bit Havelock Island is known for the professional Massage and Spa that can be availed by the visitors. We can assure you that it’ll be an experience of a lifetime, and it’ll relax your muscles after all those tiring water activities. Ross Island, Port Blair—An Amalgam of two Different Cultures Yes, you read that right! The Ross Islands in Port Blair have a perfect reason for you to visit these. Because of once being colonised by the Britishers and to top it, being the capital of their colony, this place has a number of British Vestiges in the area along with an old British Church, a bakery and some beautiful wildlife features to please your eyes, like deers, peacocks and other birds in a diverse variety. But though this is a collision of two cultures as we said, don’t expect restaurants or food joints to be a part of this place. You’ll need to carry snacks with yourself to enjoy the expenditure of a good 3-4 hours at the place. While if you visit these in the evening you can also enjoy the Light and Sound at this island. You can visit this place during any time of the year. Wed in the Andamans The wedding is the most awaited and pious occasions of one’s life. And what can be better than getting wed in the beautiful islands of Andamans? If you have around 40-70 people with you at the bash, the Andaman Islands would turn out to be the perfect destination for either your wedding or pre-wedding bash, to help you make memories of a lifetime. Ride the Government Ferry While riding the Government Ferry may not seem to be a luxurious ride, it sure is an amazing experience as these are considered to be the lifeline of the Andamans. You must try and explore the Ferry Ride once you’re trying to explore the Andamans. The Neil Islands The initially unexplored beauty of the Neil Island has now gained recognition in about the past two years. With the opening up of new Hotels and Resorts, people can now enjoy the amazing delicacies of this place along with getting to stay here for a prolonged time. The itinerary of the Neil Island covers major attractions like the Bharatpur Beach, the Laxmanpur Beach, the Sitapur Beach and the Natural Rock Formation. The two things that you wouldn’t want to miss here are: trekking to the Natural Rock Formation (which can only be done during low tides), and watching the early morning Sunrise at the Sitapur Beach to hold back the mesmerizing beauty in your heart. This experience can be unfolded during any time of the year. Go Candid Now, that’s so obvious that while living in the century of the Selfie, you won’t want to miss out on the same while you visit all these beautiful places. But how about trying something different to make this experience an all the more memorable one? Yes, we are talking about getting candid with those photographs. Just hire a photographer who can click your candids so you won’t have to worry about those photos and miss the experience of being at those places at the same time. Enjoy the Chaat at Gandhi Park, Port Blair The Gandhi Park at Port Blair has a lot more to offer than just its beauty. The best street food item you can get here is the Pani Puri and Chatpati Chaat. So, if you are to visit this beautiful place, let your taste buds remember the place too instead of just your mind doing that. Well, who needs to think of the time to eat Street Food? That’s right because you can enjoy this feast during any time of the year. Explore Kayaking at the Havelock Island One of the activities that have recently acquired fame in the Andaman Islands is Kayaking and Havelock Island is a great place to give yourself a chance to explore the same. Though no prior experience of kayaking is required to do this activity, this is only seasonally operational. Another thing that affects its operation is weather conditions. Otherwise, it is operational at all times during the year except for the months of July, August, and September.    23. Explore the Islands around the Havelock Islands John Lawrence, Peel Island, Wilson Island, and Inglis Island are just some of the names of the beautiful Islands you can explore around the Havelock Islands. Just charter a boat and explore the enigma that these Islands have to offer.    24. Experience the Mesmerizing Sunset at Chidiatapu, Port Blair Are you a nature lover like the Romantics? Or a poet who would love to write in the lap of nature? If yes, then this is the perfect place for you to visit. Chidiatapu, has been named so for a reason, it being the high activity of the birds at this place in the morning, making it a great place for bird watching. Not only that, it is a perfect place to spend hours of leisure in the lap of nature with your partner because of the soothing and peaceful nature of it. Watch the Sunset for a mesmerizing and unforgettable experience to take with you for a lifetime. Though the Sun here usually sets around 4 p.m., in the month of October it sets around 5 p.m. So, that would be just the right time for you to visit this place for enjoying the beautiful sight. This experience can be unfolded during any time of the year.    25. Sea Walking in the waters of North Bay Island, Port Blair and Elephant Beach, Havelock Island Now, water activities aren’t restricted to just swimming, scuba diving or boating. There’s a lot more you can do in the waters especially when you visit the North Bay Island, Port Blair or the Elephant Beach, Havelock Island to explore its beautiful waters inside out. Enjoy the unspoiled and untouched marine wildlife through sea walking under the waters of these beautiful places. And once again, you don’t need to know swimming or scuba diving for this because you’ll be given a proper suit with a helmet to give to a constant supply of oxygen along with assistance to explore the waters. Trust us—this is an experience you won’t want to wish! The most favorable times to visit this place are the months of January, February, March, April, May, September, October, November, and December.    26. Sea Scooter (Not yet Operational) Though sea scooter is not yet operational in the Andamans, it will be launched as soon as it gains approval.    27. A walk towards the Beauty of Nature Andamans provide you the perfect Natural setup to walk through the peaceful forests or by the beautiful beach shores to get the feel of being in the lap of nature all through the time spent there.    28. Saddle Peak, North Andaman Saddle Peak being the highest points of the Andaman Islands should be a sure thing in the visiting list of the tourists visiting the Andaman Islands. While, these take at least 4 hours of trekking for you to reach the peak, it is totally worth it.    29. Ride the Helicopter While sea planes are no more operational in the Andamans, you can still opt for a Helicopter ride. And you might be really lucky to get the chance of getting to ride a helicopter in the Andamans because the seats are only six, and there are no pre-bookings. So, you need to book your tickets right on the day of departure.   30. Go shopping at the Sagarika Emporium, Port Blair The Sagarika Emporium at Port Blair is a Government operated one and thus, one of the most genuine shops that sell Coral wood artifacts. You can visit this place during any time of the year.    31. A Beach Resort stay in Havelock and Neil Island Both, Havelock and Neil Island are known for their beautiful beaches. So, while you visit these Islands, do try to stay at one the beach resorts here to make the experience a memorable one.   32. Neil Island—The Sunset Point The Laxmanpur beach at Neil Island is the perfect place to adore the beautiful Sunset for it offers the most amazing view of the same.   33. Go Trekking to the Mundapahad at Chidiatapu, Port Blair While Chidiatapu is mostly loved by visitors for its beautiful sunset and bird watching features, another great and a lesser explored feature is trekking to the peak of the location. While this just takes an hour from the shore to reach the peak through trekking, it will turn out to be one of the most amazing experiences for you in the Andamans.    33. Pay a visit to the Long Island One of the offbeat and thus, peaceful places you’ll get to visit in Andaman are the Long Islands. With the most basic infrastructure, this takes you one step closer to nature.    34. Swim and Dive with Dugong Dugong, a non-dangerous sea cow, is the National animal of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. A few places in the Neil Island allow you to swim and dive with this animal as long as you’re with a guide to help you be in control.    35. Visit the Limestone Caves in the Baratang Island The Baratang Island is a must visit when you go to the Andamans. The Limestone Caves are one of the most visited attractions and you might want to give it a try.    36. Sea Food—A must Try For all the Non-vegetarians, there’s a treat that the Andamans have to offer. As is widely known about the diverse marine wildlife of the Andamans, there is a huge variety of some amazing and mouth-watering sea food available here. We bet you wouldn’t want to miss out on the same.    37. Cruise Ride If you are planning to visit the Havelock and the Neil Islands, you should definitely try a cruise ride to the same from Port Blair. You can try the Makruzz or The Green Ocean Cruise to make your ride worthwhile. These cruise ships are operational at all times throughout the year.    38. Walk through the Beaches of Havelock Island You’ll love to walk to walk through the Beaches at Havelock Island, especially beach number 3 and 5.    39. Watch the Turtles Nest at the Diglipur Islands Diglipur Islands are visited by turtles for the process of hatching, during the month range of December-March. So, if your visit to the Andamans is about a 6 Day long one or maybe more, you can try to visit this place to watch the turtles nesting.    40. A Resort Tour The Andamans have a huge variety of resorts. And when you are experiencing the natural beauty at its best with such a huge variety, we think you’d love to visit the different Resorts too while you stay in the Andamans.     41. Enjoy a Candle Lit Dinner by the Beach Sounds like the sequence of a Romantic Movie? Don’t worry because the Andamans will make it worth all the hype. A candle lit dinner by the beach side of the Havelock or the Neil Island is worth giving a try for the most mesmerizing experience if you are visiting the Islands with your partner.     42. Visit the Sunday Local Market in Port Blair Now that you know, Port Blair has a lot to offer. One of these things being the Sunday Local Market. Every Sunday, sellers from different islands in the Andamans gather at Port Blair to sell a number of local goods like crops and fruits. It is a treat to visit this market and you can surely enjoy an hour at the market if you’re at Port Blair on a Sunday.      43. Photos are Calling Now anywhere you go, photos are a must! And your social media needs a taste of all the places you’ve visited too. So, grab your phone, open that camera, and get photo ready.      44. A Beach Resort—That’s Where you should Definitely Stay Beaches are so amazing. And what can be better than staying at a beach resort while you are in the islands of Andaman and Nicobar? (Rhetoric!)     45. A Visit to the Second Highest Peak in Andamans—Mount Harriet, Port Blair Have you ever wondered about the actual location of the places whose photographs are etched behind the Indian Currency notes? If yes, then one of the answers is right here. What you might have seen behind the twenty-rupee note is a spot of the Mount Harriet in the Andamans. Being the second highest peak in the Andamans, Mount Harriet is apt for going trekking or for bird watching.     46. Visit the Mud Volcanoes—Baratang Islands The Baratang Islands have eight Mud Volcanoes, out of the total eleven Mud Volcanoes in the Andamans. Andamans is one of the very few places to have these volcanoes so you might want to give the visit a try. No special permission is required to visit this place.     47. Explore the Andaman Archipelago through a Luxury Yacht Avail the facility of a luxury yacht to explore the islands in the Andaman Archipelago.     48. Go Fishing Fishing is another great feature worth giving a try in the Andamans. Both, Port Blair and the Havelock Islands are great for trying this activity. Trying to catch your own fish gives you just another kind of a thrilling experience and you wouldn’t want to miss the same. The only things you’d have to keep in mind before you give it a try is that prior permission is required for both Indians and Foreigners to experience fishing in the Andamans and also that it can be a little expensive. But all of it is worth it! This is operational at all times of the year except for the months of May, June, July, August and September.     49. The Ross and Smith Islands, Diglipur The North Andamans, to be more specific, the Ross and Smith Islands at Diglipur are one of the most amazing features to be explored by visitors. In fact, it is recommended that you take a tour of the most amazing places at Diglipur if you are there for a longer stay.      50. Walk the Evening in the Marina Park at Port Blair One of the most romantic and peaceful places to spend an evening with your partner is the Marina Park at Port Blair. Walk through this beauty which is also known as the Necklace of the Andaman Islands.      51. A Visit to the Only Active Volcano in India, Barren Island The only Active Volcano in India, Barren Island is worth a visit but again, it needs some mettle to visit the destination. If you do visit this place you’ll have to do so by hiring a private charter boat from Havelock Island or Port Blair to Barren Island to visit the Volcano. You cannot land on this place due to laws passed by the Government keeping in mind the safety concerns. No night stays are allowed at the Barren Islands, so you will have to make a visit only during the day time. This place can be visited at all times of the year except for the months of July, August and September.     52. The Beach calls for Relaxation With the presence of innumerable beaches in the Andaman Islands, which prove to be an absolute beauty, you can spend hours of leisure time to relax yourselves while in the lap of nature.     53. A visit to the Cinque Islands A visit to the Cinque Islands is what should definitely be in the list of places you’d want to visit in the Andamans. While you’ll need to take prior permission for landing on this island, a private boat or a helicopter needs to be chartered to visit this destination. As per the new norms announced by the Government, the only time when you can visit this place is during the day. Night stays have been prohibited. This place can be visited at any time of the year except for the months of May, June, July, August and September.     54. Hired a Vehicle? Take it through the Vehicle Ferry The localists of Andaman take these ferries to travel from one island to the other, especially when vehicles have to be taken from one island to the other with ease. If you wish to experience these, you can do so very easily in Diglipur, Mount Harriet or Rangat.    55. View the Rising of the Sun in the Andamans While sunrise can seem...
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